The Eyes That Fix You in a Formulated Phrase (2018)
Mariken Kramer

Hardcover, 155 x 215 mm
112 Pages
Offset Print
Limited edition of 300 copies
¥4,650 + tax

ノルウェー人アーティスト、Mariken Kramer(マリケン・クラマー)の作品集。ノルウェー、バングラディッシュ、そして南アフリカなど、幼少期のクラマーは人類学者の父と共に様々な国で生活をしていた。父はプロの写真家ではなかったが、人類学者として、家庭のある男として、そしてアマチュア写真家として周囲のものを撮影していた。本書は彼が撮影した写真を中心に、クラマーが当時遊んでいたおもちゃの写真とテキストを組み合わせて収録。自己のアイデンティティーをテーマに制作された極めてパーソナルな一冊。本作のタイトルはT.Sエリオットの『The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruefrock』から借用されている。


In her new book The Eyes that Fix You in a Formulated Phrase Mariken Kramer has used her father’s slides archive as a starting point for reflection around documentation, memory and biography. She has chosen a selection of his photographs in which he, as an anthropologist, family man and hobby photographer, documented the world surrounding him.

Kramer is herself a repeated motive in the book, along with pictures her father took of people in places they lived and places they travelled to; Norway, Bangladesh and South Africa where she was born and her father grew up. Kramer combines these images with her own still lifes of objects from her childhood, carefully selected from cardboard boxes stored in her mother’s attic as well as short texts. Kramer considers our understanding of ourselves as a constant process of negotiation between how we are perceived and judged by others and our wish to have control over and narrate our own story. By juxtaposing images, texts and still lifes – the fictional and staged with the historical and documentary – Kramer demonstrates how photography and text, like identity, are acts of interpretation. By diving into the past, in a quest to discover something about herself, only a construction is the result. The book lends its title from a stanza in T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruefrock”.

Mariken Kramer