Immersed in Stone – Black Ice (2018)
Line Bøhmer Løkken

Softcover, 210 x 278 mm
112 Pages
Offset Print, Swiss binding
Limited edition of 300 copies
¥5,400 + tax

オスロに拠点を置くアーティスト、Line Bøhmer Løkken(ライン・ベーマー・ロッケン)の作品集。ロッケンはノルウェーのヨートゥンヘイム国立公園で数日間にわたりハイキングを行い、山、岩、雪、そして砂利が混じり黒ずんだ氷河を撮影した。広大な自然の中、環境の影響を受けた岩や石はそれ自体が記録性を帯びた物質へと変容している。崇高かつ単調、そして異質で荒れ果てた景色に遭遇した際の作家の視覚体験や感情をそのまま反映するように、直感的に撮影された写真の数々が収録されている。


Line Bøhmer Løkken speaks of a sensory experience when she describes her photo­graphic project Immersed in Stone – Black Ice, a book consisting of 53 mainly black-and-white photographs of mountains, rock, snow and glaciers dark with black gravel. The pictures were taken in the course of several days hiking off the beaten paths in the Jotunheimen National Park, with no other purpose than to let the camera as much as possible become one with the wanderer’s various visual and bodily impressions, in the encounter with a landscape that is at once sublime, monotonous, alien and inhos­pi­table. If the landscape is not an object of aesthetic beautification or elevation in Løkken’s photographs, then what is it? Løkken talks about bodily knowledge, about the materiality of the visual object and the precariousness of the stability and bearing capacity of the rock – about “experiencing the physical character of the area.” Immersed in Stone – Black Ice presents an experience of the world beyond the rational and language; the photographs are the tracks of a thinking-one’s-way through the landscape, as far as possible on this land­scape’s own terms – because it’s there, and because it is still possible to save it.
(from text by Arve Rød)

Line Bøhmer Løkken